Welcom On JAZZONANS :)

This website is hosted by me, Sebastian Zee Zjawinski and it’s a whole mixed bag of tunes and genres touching on, soul, jazz, funk,  downtempo, and trip hop. It’s certainly not a warm-up to the weekend or a non-stop hit playing podcast. I don’t do requests or give you reports on the latest news, weather and travel information.Above all we will talk about music, news, concerts and of course, special events connected with the music. Personally I think the music market is very poor at the moment and doesn’t provide us with anything besides a shit storm of plastic pop music.So if you are in the market for something fresh, unique and laid-back then please do have a listen

.It’s me. I was born in Czestochowa, Poland in 1984.As a child I wanted to be everyone and I wanted to be everywhere,I was a kid full of life and I always knew that I love the music.For many years I did not know what to do with myself,I was a little bit lost, but now all things have changed I know what I want to do,I want  to work in radio doing my own show and spread the music virus around the world.So here I am… 🙂